About us

Paynet is committed to give you the best financial services, in order to make your life easier and give you the time you need to truly enjoy your life.


Being part of a group of companies focused on delivering the best financial services to different service providers around the world, Paynet aims to create the best tools to make payment relationships less time-consuming and easier to manage. This is why we created the Paynet ewallet. With your best interests in mind and the help of a young, energetic and creative team, we developed a service that stands out through excellent operational quality, aesthetic and user-friendly design and most important - attention to detail. We are glad to welcome you into our network and stay close to us, because we have even more services to come.


”Benefits attached” is our motto and main guideline, when developing a product, and this is what the Paynet wallet is all about - giving you the opportunity to get the best benefits available. Developed to suit the rhythm of a fast paced lifestyle, our product is your best payment, transfer and all together financial monitoring tool, which you can take with you anywhere you go and access it from all over the world.


Our team

Our specialists have extensive backgrounds in economics, IT, marketing, payment processing and customer service. They are always looking for new ways to make your entire Paynet experience not only useful and safe, but also efficient and pleasurable.