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  • What is the electronic wallet and why do I need it?
    With you and your comfort in mind, we decided to create a system easy to access and use, with a simple, intuitive design, which you can take with you anywhere you go, especially if you will install our app on your phone. Paynet wallet offers you the satisfaction of making online payments from the warmth of your home, only by using your mobile phone number and a password to register and login. You can top it up or withdraw funds whenever you need. Paynet wallet offers you maximum protection whenever you need to send, spend or receive money online. Your security is one of the principles according to which we created this system, extremely easy to use. This is why we offer you the possibility to schedule payments, make transfers and save templates so that you don't need to fill again and again all the details for your transactions. To ensure that all your data is kept safe, debit transactions are secured by a short one time password (OTP), which you will receive on your mobile phone via an SMS, without which no transaction will be done.
  • What is the difference between the wallet account with and without restrictions and what are the unlimited account advantages?
    The possibility of creating and using Paynet wallet is free for anyone with a mobile phone number, issued by any mobile operator in the country. Unidentified wallet is easy to set up, by submitting only the mobile phone number. The unidentified user has access to all system operations and has the possibility to make any type of transactions within the 2.500 MDL limit; this amount also being the maximum balance allowed.The transaction limit for all Payment transactions is set at 10000 MDL per month. Physical money withdrawal from e-wallet, at Paynet Agents, is done on the basis of a request of your ID number that is verified by the Agents. For security reasons and to exclude any kind of fraud, it will not be possible to modify this number afterwards. In case it does need to be changed, a request will be sent to the company, which will follow all internal procedures of identification. Maximum withdrawal amount is equivalent to the maximum allowed balance and is of 2.500 MDL. Identified wallet offers its users more benefits, such as unlimited balance and unlimited amounts for transactions (in case the transaction beneficiary does not impose its personal restrictions). User identification is done on the basis of an application form that will contain all your identification data. This will facilitate the cash withdrawal of funds stored in the wallet; withdrawal amount is unlimited. Daily limit for each type of transaction is of 15.000 MDL and it can be increased upon sending a request to Paynet.
  • What is the Loyalty Program?
    The Paynet Loyalty program is a multi brand partnership with various retailers and shops united under one card, giving you the possibility to get special offers, discounts and bonuses within the network. All the offers are available in your Paynet personal cabinet so you will never miss out on special discounts and promotions. Our Loyalty program aims to revolutionize your shopping experience, making it more fulfilling by receiving personalized offers.


  • What are the advantages of being a Paynet Loyalty member?
    This program is more than just about discounts. We are creating a platform that will revolutionize your shopping experience, by offering you special promotions based on your shopping habits, so that you can get the best deals out there. Moreover, you get the chance to acquire and redeem bonuses when paying for goods or services, which is a great way for you to save money. For you to keep track of all the deals available, we have created this unique platform, available on web or native Android and iOS applications. A log of all your purchases is available, with details about money and bonuses spent and saved. The possibilities are virtually endless, so register now to become a member and keep an eye out for the offers we and our partner’s have prepared for you.
  • How do I get a Loyalty Card?
    There are several ways for you to get the Paynet Loyalty Card: 1. When registering and creating your Paynet Wallet, you are automatically assigned a virtual Loyalty Card. You can view it in your personal cabinet, in the Loyalty category; 2. You can come to our partner’s locations and request a physical one. After fulfilling an application form your card will be activated.
  • How can I activate my Loyalty Card?
    1. In case you are a Wallet user, but don’t have a physical card, note that you are assigned a virtual card, which you can easily use when shopping. 2. If you got the card at our partner’s stores your card will be activated with the first POS terminal swipe or barcode scan. 3. If you got the card, but did not activate it thru the POS terminal or by SMS, you can do so in your personal cabinet. Choose the ”Loyalty” category from the menu and in the new page you will see, next to your Bonus balance, the virtual card. Click on the ”Activate card” mention below it and follow the instructions.
  • Do I have to have a Wallet in order to use my Loyalty Card?
    You can get your card at our partner’s retail locations and upon activation it can be used freely in the entire Paynet Loyalty Network. You don’t have to necessarily register into Paynet to be able to use it, but we recommend that you do so that you won’t miss out on any of the offers from our partner’s. Also, within the personal cabinet you can keep track of all your purchases, as well as bonuses. Note that we offer special deals not only in the physical world, but also for paying for services within the Wallet, where you can also acquire and redeem bonuses, so why not give it a go?
  • What are Bonuses and how do I get them?
    Bonuses are a great way to save money. When benefitting from an available offer, you will get not only discounts, as specified in the description, but also the possibility to earn bonuses. They are calculated in percents from the payed amount and are stored in your Loyalty personal cabinet. You can further use them when paying for goods or services within the network, offline, as well as online.
  • How can I benefit from an offer?
    All active offers are available for you to see in the “Offers” tab, within your Loyalty personal cabinet. If you want to get more details about an offer that seems interesting to you, just click on it and the description will be open in a new page. There you will see the discount and/or bonuses available, its timeframe, and any other relevant information for that specific offer. Next, check out the “Where to shop” places. Once you choose the convenient location, you can go to it, get your goods or services, and, before paying, mention at the registry that you are a Paynet Loyalty member. Give them your card for swiping or scanning, and that is it. You benefitted from the offer, the discount is calculated, the bonuses are acquired and you can proceed to pay. Note that if you would like to pay with bonuses, don't forget to mention it to the cashier. Also, if you forgot your card at home, you can always show the card stored in your Paynet app, just pick “Loyalty” and tap on the “Bonuses” field, your card will appear and you can hand it for scanning, or, you can always use the phone number you registered with. Enjoy your shopping.

My wallet

  • How do I create my Paynet wallet?
    It's very simple and it can be done in a few steps: 1. Once you have accessed, or downloaded and installed the app on your mobile phone, click on the registration button; 2. In the window that appears, write down your mobile phone number. This will be your login for further access to the Wallet; 3. Accept terms and conditions; 4. You will receive an SMS with an OTP which you will have to enter in the appeared field; 5. Create and confirm your password to access the system; 6. Set a keyword (this is an extra measure of security and it can be changed later in your account settings); 7. Congratulations! Now you have a Paynet Wallet and you can discover all of its payment possibilities. Note that the mobile phone number must be active and must belong to you.
  • Can I change the number of my Wallet?
    The change of your Wallet number cannot be done online, given that it is identical to your mobile phone number. We recommend you to open a new wallet for the new phone number and transfer the funds stored on the old one. Also, you can come to any of our offices where you can submit a request to the company, in this case be sure you have your ID card with you.
  • What is the benefit of linking a bankcard?
    Linking bank cards to the Paynet wallet is a safe and convenient way to top-up your wallet for further Payments or Transfer transactions. The process is very simple and the service is available and works for all cards issued by any bank. This option gives you an extra handy method to solve basically any financial question.
  • What cards can be attached to Paynet?
    Paynet allows you to link any Visa or MasterCard card, regardless of the issuing bank.
  • What details need to be provided to link a bankcard?
    Linking your Visa or MasterCard card is very easy and the whole process is secured. You need to provide the following information: 1. Card Number – correctly and without spaces; 2. Cardholder name, exactly as it is on the card; 3. Expiration date of the card; 4. CVV / CVC Code.

My money

  • How can I Top-Up my Paynet wallet?
    We want to offer you a pleasant and efficient experience while using your Wallet, we provide several options for you to Top it Up. According to your needs and possibilities, you can do so using any of these options: 1. At our Partner Self-service kiosks; 2. At our Agents offices; 3. At our Bank Partners; 4. Via online transfer from any current account, including card, from the Personal Cabinet. Information about locations you can find in the ”Top-Up” menu in your Personal Cabinet, but also on the public pages for ”Top-Up and Withdrawal”.
  • How fast is the money transferred on my Wallet?
    Immediately - when done through Self-service Kiosks, P2P Transfer (from one user to another), Transfers from bank accounts, including cards, or Deposits in Partners or Agents network.
  • What is the processing period of a Top-Up?
    If the self service kiosk work properly, the transaction is processed immediately. In case the kiosk has some faults and the transaction was made, the processing could take up to 24 hours. If during this period the amount is not reflected in the Wallet balance, contact Customer Support, ensuring that you have kept the receipt issued by the terminal, where the transaction code is indicated. This can also be the case for other types of operations.
  • I topped up my Wallet but the amount is not reflected in the balance.
    While making any transaction, make sure all information entered is correct. Transaction status can be checked online at any time. At the same time, sometimes, some transactions can be processed with short delays, due to work occurring in the system or other external factors, which is why we recommend you not to worry. If you cannot find a transaction in your payment history, or you have noticed any sort of errors, contact Customer Support Service and our team will assist you.


  • How can I get the transaction Receipt?
    Each payment transaction made via the Wallet has a corresponding receipt. When the transaction is completed, you will have the possibility to download and save the receipt in electronic format. At the same time, same receipt will be saved in Transaction history and will be available for viewing and downloading.
  • What do I do if a technical error occurred while making a transaction?
    Each transaction is made and processed in real time and respectively the answer, either affirmative or negative, is offered online. If there is a technical error because of the system or if information provided is not complete, the transaction will not be processed and you will be able to perform it again once the error is removed. If you cannot find a transaction in your payment history or you have noticed any other sort of error you are not able to resolve, make a screen of it and contact Customer Support Service.
  • How do I make a transfer from my wallet to another wallet?
    Access the Transfer menu from your Personal Cabinet and select the option "Send money". Afterwards you will complete the transfer form, as follows: 1. You will indicate person’s Wallet number, equivalent to the his/hers mobile phone number; 2. Pressing "Next" button you will launch the process of data checking in the system. If a Wallet is assigned to this number, a new form will appear on the screen; 3. Enter the amount you want to transfer into the designated field; 4. If you want to send a personalized message that will accompany the transfer, you can do so in the "Message" field; 5. Press "Transfer" button; 6. Money is transferred to the User's account. Note! If the phone number you entered is not assigned to a Wallet in the system, you will be notified on step 2 from the ones described above. In this case, you can send your friend an invitation to the system and she/he will receive an SMS notification to join Paynet.
  • How can I ask for money from a friend?
    The procedure is simple and consists of the following steps. Access the Transfer menu from your Personal Cabinet and select the option "Request money". Next, you will have to complete the following steps: 1. Insert the Wallet number, equivalent with the mobile phone number, of the friend you want to request money from; 2. By pressing the "Next" button, you will launch the process of data checking. If a Wallet is assigned to this number, a new form will appear on the screen; 3. Enter the amount you want to transfer into the designated field; 4. If you want to send a personalized message that will accompany the transfer, you can do so in the "Message" field; 5. Click the button “Request” to send it; Note! If the phone number you entered is not assigned to a Wallet in the system, you will be notified on step 2 from the ones described above. In this case, you can send your friend an invitation to the system and she/he will receive an SMS notification to join Paynet.
  • When I pay for services that have fees, what amount should I enter in the “Amount” field?
    In the "Amount" field, you must enter the amount to be paid without any fee. Bellow you can see the percentage that you are charged for this transaction and the fee is calculated automatically. The fee will be automatically debited from your balance.


  • What kind of services can be paid via Paynet Wallet?
    We have prepared a wide range of services, which we grouped by categories for an easier access: 1. Mobile Operators 2. Utility Payments 3. Internet and TV 4. Financial Services 5. Social networks and games 6. Health and beauty 7. Tourism 8. Commerce 9. State payments 10. Donations 11. Other
  • Customer Support
    Customer Support Service is available for each Wallet holder. Our operators are at your disposal to assist you in case of emergency. Except by calling, you can also send a letter to Customer Support Service and request additional information regarding the use of the services. You can do it easily by using the preset form on the Contact page or Support from Personal Cabinet. In this form, you can also leave your phone number and select an hour for us to call and help you.


  • What is an OTP code?
    OTP is an acronym for “One Time Password”. This is a numerical code consisting of six digits, which is sent via an SMS to the mobile phone number connected to your Wallet. The first time when you will receive it when you will register into the system. OTP is a free service offered by Paynet.
  • How do I create a password?
    You wallet password is vital for the safety of your funds and keeping your money safe and it should not be known by a third party. It is recommended that the password you create is not an obvious one. Paynet imposes several rules for creating passwords to ensure the security of your money: 1. The password must contain at least 8 characters; 2. The password should consist of letters, numbers and symbols, example: ! * & ^% $ #; 3. The password cannot consist of numerical sequences longer than 5 digits, example: 12345; 23456; 34567; 45678 etc.; 4. You must use uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • What if I forgot my password?
    The access to your wallet is made by using your Login and password. In case you forgot your password, you can create a new one. For this you have to access the field from the Login window and then create a new password. To change it you will receive an OTP. You will enter the code in the special field to confirm the change of the password. Once you have done this, you can set a new password and thus have access to your Personal Cabinet and make transactions.
  • Why do I need a Keyword?
    The keyword is an extra security measure implemented to ensure the security of your wallet. You set it when creating your wallet and you can edit it later in the account settings. In case the access device to the wallet (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) has been compromised, you should immediately contact Customer Support Service and block your account, so that no one can use the funds stored or any other personal information. When you will request to block your wallet, the operator will ask you to confirm the keyword as well as any other relevant information; this is done to ensure that the wallet to be blocked does belong to you. It will be unblocked as soon as all suspicions regarding its compromise have been removed.
  • What if my computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone was stolen or lost?
    If any of the above mentioned belongings had been stolen or lost, you can immediately block the access by calling Support Customer Service and request the block of your wallet.
  • What type of information is stored by Paynet?
    Paynet records and stores the following information about the wallet activity: Operator used; amount; date and time of the transactions. You can access your transaction history in your Personal Cabinet using the website or the mobile application.


  • How can I become a Paynet Partner?
    Paynet is a company open to collaboration in all fields, in order to provide its users a pleasant experience. So, if you want to become one of our partners, you can send a request to: You can also use the form available on the Contact Us page, choosing the subject of the message: "Partnership".

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