With Paynet, money transfers become a simple and convenient experience to the EU and UK!
Nov 22, 2023
money transfers become a simple and convenient experience to the EU and UK!

With Paynet, you have the possibility to easily and conveniently transfer money to the European Union and the United Kingdom. This service offers you the flexibility to send and receive money from friends, family or business partners across Europe, with low fees.


Benefits of Transfers with Paynet:

  • Fast and easy online opening of a Paynet account, completely free

  • Low fees and good exchange rates

  • Money transferred arrives directly to the Paynet Mastercard

  • FREE Paynet Mastercard

  • Fast and secure transfers to support the UK/UE diaspora and Moldovan families


How it works:

  • Conveniently and easily transfer money to and from the UK/UE

  • Receive money directly on your Paynet card from any UK/UE account

  • The money can be withdrawn from any ATM in the country or used for online and offline purchases with the Paynet Mastercard


Choose the right transfer:


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The one and only e-wallet in Moldova that has both online payment and loyalty solution. No more wasted time in queues, pay all your bills using Paynet wallet. Now you have a unique discount card for all your favorite places in town, including stores, coffee shops and even patrol stations.


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